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From a more youthful overall face to the correction of specific problems like sagging eyelids, PEPA DermClinic & Aesthetic Center is committed to helping every patient achieve their aesthetic goals for their faces.

Our Facial Services beautifully lightens complexion and evens out skin tone; giving the skin a brighter glow. These procedures are uniquely conceptualized by Medicalia SkinCare, result-driven formulations, dermatologically tested, and US FDA approved products.

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Signature Redefining Anti-Aging Facial
Redefining radiance and facial contouring, the Signature Redefining Anti-Aging Facial is exclusively formulated with the latest in freeze-dried technology to deliver instant results and cumulative skin care benefits. Performance driven, the treatment features the best anti-aging ingredient rendering skin firmer, tighter, lighter and visibly brighter.
Phytic Acid & Acti-Zyme Peel
This peel uses a superb combination of actives that promote progressive and proper epidermal exfoliation and skin lightening. These active ingredients are indicated for epidermal hyperplasia, solar keratosis, hyperpigmentation, and melasma.
Zinc & Peptides Peel
This peel features skin exfoliating, lightening, repairing, rebuilding, and healing ingredients that are essential for acne-prone skin control and management of acne sequelae.
Collagen & Vitamin C Peel
This enriching peel highlights an innovative formula that addresses most mature skin concerns. It contains collagen polypeptides, ethyl ascorbic acid, glycolic, phytic, and lactic acid which work to exfoliate and lighten the skin. It is very ideal for effective and expedited skin rejuvenation.
Pimple/Acne Facial
This type of facial is designed to refine pores, reduce inflammation, and absorb oil production. It uses antibacterial and natural antiseptic ingredients; healing skin and reducing oil while properly hydrated.
Soothing Teen’s Facial
Enjoy an exfoliating cleansing that removes dirt and oil buildup from one’s daily active lifestyle.
Light & Radiance Facial
With this lightening facial, you have the power to glow and radiate. Hyperpigmentation and skin patches are brightened and the skin is provided with even skin tone while pores are tightened and skin remains hydrated.
Gentleman’s Facial
Specifically targets clogged pores, sensitive, and razor burn skin while promoting total relaxation, this facial is perfect for a man who wants to stand out. This includes deep cleansing, steaming, extraction, and a treatment mask to refine pores, sooth and condition the skin.
Basic Facial
With nourishing ingredients and skin-repairing actives, this facial is bursting with vitamins that bring back skin’s lost moisture and improve skin elasticity. Our Basic Facial is perfect for dry, dehydrated, and normal to combination skin.
Eye Rejuvenation
Our Eye Rejuvenation is a great add-on to any facial treatment to further help lighten dark circles, eye puffiness, and signs of aging.
Microdermabrasion (Diamond Peel)
This peel utilizes the application of tiny rough grains or crystal to buff away the surface layer of skin. The body interprets the peeling and exfoliation as a mild injury and rushes to replace the lost skin cells with new and healthy ones.

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